# ISSUE 22 The performance of the "canary of the sea"


Do you know about the marine creature called the "canary of the sea"?

It's the beluga, primarily found in cold regions around the Arctic Ocean. Known by alternate names such as the "white dolphin" or "white whale" the beluga's strikingly white body has earned it the nickname "the canary of the sea" due to its diverse vocalizations.

You can meet belugas at Kamogawa Sea World located in Chiba Prefecture. It's an aquarium where approximately 800 species of animals are kept. It provides an opportunity to encounter marine creatures that you may not often have the chance to interact with in your daily life.

There are few aquariums that house belugas, with only four such facilities in Japan. Kamogawa Sea World pioneered beluga captivity exhibits in Japan in 1976, followed by the world's first underwater performances.

In the fall of 2023, Kamogawa Sea World welcomed its third beluga calf, bringing the total number of belugas in captivity at the facility to seven. These belugas reside in the "Marine Theater" and entertain visitors with performances.