# ISSUE 19 Tochigi, as the gateway of Tohoku.
Make your autumn drive even more dramatic!


Autumn is here, and the autumn leaves season is in full swing. Alone with a camera in hand, or with your loved ones and family. Autumn foliage viewing, which can be enjoyed by everyone in their own way, is something that Japanese have enjoyed since ancient times and is something that can only be enjoyed at this time of year.

Tochigi is dotted with autumn foliage spots all over the place, from well-known famous spots such as “Nikko Toshogu Shrine”, which combines world heritage sites and autumn foliage, to “Watarase Keikoku Railway” along the Watarase River, which is full of retro charm. It is popular among many people as it is easily accessible from the Tokyo metropolitan area.

Sano Rest Spot, located in Sano City, southwest of Tochigi, is one of the main rest spots of the Tohoku Expressway, which can be called the "gateway" of Tohoku.

In the summer of 2022, the commercial facility building, the park area within the site has been renovated as the “Dramatic Area Sano (outbound lane).'' It has become a rest spot that is more convenient for travelers, relieving visitors from the fatigue of driving.

As a bridge from the Tokyo Metropolitan Area to Tochigi, Sano Highway Restaurant is located in Sano Rest Spot (outbound lane), which is always crowded with people. The key lies in the unique charms of the area.