# ISSUE 06 Sapporo Grand Hotel
An 85-year history filled with


 In 1934, Sapporo Grand Hotel opened as the first authentic Western-style hotel in Hokkaido. With its elegant setting and sophisticated service, the hotel has welcomed many important guests from other areas in Japan and from abroad, and therefore has played a major role in the development of a whole new culture in the city of Sapporo.
 In 1954 the Showa-era emperor and empress paid a visit to the hotel. During and from that time, the staff members all worked together to build the "Sapporo Grand Hotel" brand, always looking for the best way to deliver the maximum satisfaction and excitement to their visitors. This constant quest for perfection is still ongoing 85 years later.

 To thank our guests for their loyalty and patronage over the years, the Sapporo Grand Hotel is glad to offer various special offers as part of the 85th anniversary project. The offers include limited-time accommodation plans, and special menus at the hotel's restaurant.