# ISSUE 05 The largest-scale golf resort in Hokkaido with an excellent access


 The Tomakomai Golf Resort 72 benefits from an excellent access by car, being about 20 minutes from the New Chitose Airport and 45 minutes from Sapporo city via the "Doo Expressway".

 As its name suggests, the golf course has a large variety of 72 holes. It offers a wide range of entertaining situations depending on your level, from beginner to athletes/professionals. The course is set to fit every type of player as there are many visitors from both Japan and overseas, and with different levels.

 The attractivity of the Hokkaido golf courses comes from the fact that all courses are designed to include the vast and abundant nature. This is why, if you play near the Ezomatsu or the Kunugi trees areas, you might occasionally glimpse some "Kita Kitsune" (blue foxes), “Ezo Risu" (squirrels), or "Ezo Shika" (Deers).