# ISSUE 04 Globally rare performance
by the king of sea


 Kamogawa Sea World is one of the main attractions of Granvista Hotel & Resorts. It is one of Japan’s leading aquariums where you can view a variety of marine life with the added attraction of a realistically reproduced ecological exhibition of the ocean world.

 Of all our offerings, the orca performance is the most popular activity at the aquarium. During this energetic show, the audience gets to watch as this glorious giant, whose body measures over five meters in length, swims and jumps high out of the water. A huge cheer erupts when the orca creates a splash so big it reaches the top floor of the seating area.

 It’s rare to find an aquarium anywhere in the world that rears orcas, and there are only two in Japan. Kamogawa Sea World’s orca family members include the oldest of the three sisters, Lavi (21), younger sisters Lala (18) and Lan (13), and daughter of Lavi, Luna (6).