# ISSUE 03 Sapporo Grand Hotel Celebrates 85th anniversary
with Colorful, Sweet Creations


Opened in 1934, Sapporo Grand Hotel was the first full-scale Western-style hotel ever built in Hokkaido, and the stalwart for hospitality has watched the city and community grow ever since.
Hotel staff and leadership continues to explore the charms of Hokkaido, make new discoveries and share the local culture – the food culture in particular – with guests from around the world. As the mentioned in the hotel’s prospectus, “the menu abundantly uses fresh ingredients from Hokkaido, and aims to impress people who come from the city.”

As the hotel celebrates its 85th anniversary in 2019, the hotel’s talented pâtissier Mr. Takeda was appointed the job of creating sweet pastries to commemorate the occasion. Mr. Takeda was trained by Chef Kazutoshi Narita, recognized as Asia’s number one pâtissier, and the creator of the special Best Pastry 2018, World's Unique Sweets from Hokkaido, the hotel’s collaboration with French international gastronomic guidebook Gault & Millau .