Picture of the Tomakomai Golf Resort 72


The largest-scale golf resort in Hokkaido, from renewal to revival

Hokkaido, the northern land, with its low humidity and average 21 degree celcius temperature in August, offers a very comfortable environment to play golf. While there are many large-scale golf courses on this vast land, Tomakomai Golf Resort 72 in Giho area offers visitors to play on 4 courses of 72 holes, making it the largest golf resort in Hokkaido.
The Hokkaido Eastern Iburi Earthquake that occurred on September 2018 caused heavily damaged the Clubhouse (the Resort's restaurant). The renewal construction is now completed and, and the resort is ready for a new start. From the newly reconstructed terrace, you can admire the luxurious nature around while enjoying a Genghis Khan (sheep based meal typical from Hokkaido).

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